Ultra Foliar

Broad-Spectrum Foliars


We lead the world in broad spectrum high analysis liquid compound fertilisers. These are called Ultra Foliar.

These fertilisers give the plant the resources to grow strong and helps ensure that the NPK-inputs (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) together with farm practices (herbicides and fungicide), achieve maximum gain.

It does this by delivering a complete broad spectrum nutrient package – directly to the plant – that supports plant growth, strength and physiology thereby ensuring that NKP fertilisers and herbicides/fungicide are buffered during uptake for maximum gain.

One of the most important features of our broad spectrum Ultra Foliar is that it unlocks previously unavailable phosphorus, giving it to the plant to achieve greater yield.

This process ensures plants are protected from the problems of soil nutrient variability and provides the plant with the extra resilience it may need to handle any extremes in climatic or environmental conditions.

Leaf + Plant

The delivery of nutrition through the leaf is the most efficient and low energy way a plant gains access to available nutrients. Functionally the leaf is the only way to deliver the trace element needs to the plant at this time of growth.

RLF’s range of broad spectrum foliar is engineered with NDS. This revolutionary RLF proprietary technology makes it possible to deliver a broad-spectrum nutrient formulation to the plant because it is up to 350% more efficient than most other available products. (80-85% efficient V 10-12%)

At this rate of delivery the nutrient quantities must be carefully set to ensure that only the optimum levels are delivered to the plant and over-supply doesn’t occur. As a result, every product is formulated to adjust for the increase in up-take and mobility efficiency created by the use of NDS.

World and Market Leader

RLF Ultra Foliar is the most concentrated, high analysis broad-spectrum foliar product, available in the world today. The stable engineered solution contains 12 elements including enough extra phosphorus to charge the plant for a 100kg of greater yield per hectare.

This range is unique. Contains RLF NDS Technology.

12 Nutrients in One
Ultra Foliar


Increase yield

Australian independent trials demonstrates yield increases of 14.6%

Reduce npk costs

RLF Broad-Spectrum Ultra Foliar can significantly increase crop quality and nutritional value.

Improves Crop Quality and Value

RLF Broad-Spectrum Ultra Foliar can significantly increase crop quality and nutritional value.

NDS Provides Safe Transfer of Nutrients

RLF developed NDS Nutrient Delivery System transfers directly into through the leaf the 12 nutrients contained in the RLF Ultra Foliar fertiliser. NDS technology improves uptake by over 400% when compared to normal foliar products.

Fixes Soil-Variability Problems

Soil-Variability is a serious problem – RLF Broad-Spectrum Ultra Foliar fixes this problem as they bypass micro-nutrient requirements from the soil and instead delivering them through the leaf.

improves npk uptake

RLF Broad-Spectrum Ultra Foliar increases the agronomic uptake of NPK fertilisers. This can further improve NPK mobility resulting in greater fertiliser effectiveness and less toxicity.

Based on Science

RLF technology and formulation of the RLF Broad-Spectrum Ultra Foliar products are based on plant nutrient removal science. This achieves a complete and optimum balance of 12 essential nutrients– resulting in plants growing bigger and stronger.

handles environmental conditions better

A broad spectrum foliar solution will give the plant more energy to deal with any environmental stresses associated with thing like poor rainfall, weather, soil, climate and other external conditions.

Stronger plants to resist disease

RLF Broad-Spectrum Ultra Foliar ensures plant and crop safety by investing greater strength for the plant to resist infection from disease and handling.

buffers the effects from herbicides,
pesticides or fungicides

RLF Ultra Foliar provides a substantial boost of nutrition when needed as a buffer against the toxic effects of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides.

“The CSF and Plasma Foliars let us play the season and they mix well with the rest of the spray program. The products help combat the negative effect of SU use. The RLF products help us keep the crops on track.”
– Russell Hooper
Merredin, West Australia

Proven to Work

RLF’s Broad Spectrum Foliar products are widely and independently tested to produce increased yield results and a positive economic return to the farmer.