Tank Mix Supplements

With the benefits of plant tissue test results, the following nutrient supplements are available from RLF for tailoring the base Crop Specific tank mix foliar supplement to meet the specific requirements.


NutriCover® is a multi-nutrient product designed to supplement critical major elements and to meet plant demand at specific stages of growth based on research findings. The analysis of NutriCover is: 21% nitrogen, 5% phosphorus, 0.90% sulphur and 0.6% magnesium, 1% calcium plus RLF unique additives. NutriCover can be mixed with other nutrients as guided by plant tissue analysis.

Potassium Plus

Potassium Plus is a chelated potassium product in which the main chelating agent is citric acid. Potassium Plus also contains 6% sucrose which among other functions facilitates the uptake and transport of potassium.

Potassium Plus is recommended for foliar spray on potassium-deficient plants or when potassium is sub-optimal. It should not however be applied when calcium is in short supply since this may reduce the uptake of calcium.

Potassium Plus application to fruit trees advances maturity and increases fruit size and yield. Repeated applications (2-3) of Potassium Plus to improve fruit size is especially helpful in heavy fruiting condition even though potassium level is adequate.

The optimum concentration for foliar spray of Potassium Plus is 2% V/V solution (e.g. 2 litres per 100 litres of water). The following table is a guide for foliar application of Potassium Plus.

Calcium Plus

Calcium Plus is a chelated calcium product free of chloride and nitrogen. It contains 5% calcium as calcium chelate. The complex chelating agents and specific RLF activator used to manufacture Calcium Plus ensure that calcium shortage in plants is rapidly and effectively overcome.

Calcium Plus is formulated to provide extra energy and ease for transport of calcium from leaves to sites of calcium deficiency. The chelates protect calcium ion during this journey (translocation). Use of Calcium Plus in horticulture (e.g. mango, apple, tomato, potato, lettuce, cucurbits and brassicas) is often essential to increase your net profit by having a better quality and a longer shelf life.

Boron Plus

Boron Plus is a liquid boron source for supplying boron to all types of crops as per application guide. It contains elemental boron at 35 grams per litre (3.5% W/V). Boron Plus should ideally be used when tissue analysis shows sub-optimal boron levels.

Boron Plus can be used to supply boron only (such as when used on its own) or to increase boron concentrations in other foliar products that lack boron or do not have the needed boron level. The application rates of Boron Plus should not go above the guidelines given in the following table as boron toxicity could be experienced. Where there is a need to use more boron, it is best to repeat the application rather than to increase the concentration of boron in a single foliar spray.


Nitrogen Plus

Nitrogen Plus has four different types of nitrogen to utilise different metabolic pathways for fast and efficient uptake of nitrogen. The presence of 6% soluble organic matter rich in amino acids improves root / soil biological activity and foliar uptake.

Nitrogen Plus is a liquid fertiliser for feeding nitrogen through fertigation for all plants (vines, fruit and vegetables as well as pasture) under all systems of irrigation (trickle, micro jet, sprinkler, centre pivot).

Nitrogen Plus can also be used for foliar application to field crops and pastures.

Zincuman Plus

ZINCUMAN PLUS is a multi trace element liquid fertiliser that is formulated with a balanced composition and the right pH. It contains activators and the product is partially chelated to be effective when applied as foliar or in fertigation. It supplies zinc, copper, manganese, sulphur and phosphate. ZINCUMAN-B contains added boron. These products can be used for all crops that require a boost in the level of the respective trace elements.

The elemental composition of ZINCUMAN PLUS is: Zinc (1.65%), copper (0.63%), manganese (4.06%), sulphur (4.00%) and phosphorus (0.40%). ZINCUMAN PLUS-B contains 0.4% boron in addition to the other elements present in Zincuman Plus.