• Rapid Max is an ionic form of zinc, copper and phosphorus plus other essential nutrients, all delivered with RLF technology for rapid uptake by the plant.
  • Rapid Zinc is a focused foliar fertiliser specially formulated to deliver zinc with phosphorus rapidly because of its ionic form. RLF rapid technology is used.
  • Rapid Copper

    Rapid Copper uses RLF advanced rapid delivery technology. It is phosphorus based and delivers high performance Cu for overall great quality and yield result.
  • Rapid Manganese

    Rapid Manganese is a focused formulation that delivers manganese with phosphorus. High quality EDTA chelates facilitate Mn mobility to assist yield result.

What is Rapid Foliar

Rapid Foliar is a category of specialty crop nutrition products that deliver high-performance zinc, copper and manganese with phosphorus. They also contain a supporting balance of sulphur with other elements.

Rapid Foliar uses an ionic form of zinc, copper and manganese to ensure rapid and improved uptake efficiency by the leaf. This technology also uses a more dynamic and partial application of high-quality EDTA chelates to facilitate nutrient mobility in the plant, when compared to oxide, sulphate and chelate foliar fertilisers.

Rapid Foliar is phosphorus-based, providing fully available inorganic phosphates in the form required by the plant. This means that the phosphorus is immediately available, and ready for use in achieving more yield and greater
overall result.

RLF has engineered Rapid Foliar technology (RDS) for this range of highly-specialised formulations. It is new generation technology and the products are world-leading.

What makes Rapid Foliar Different

The ionic form of elements used in Rapid Foliar products is rapidly taken up by the leaf and is rain-safe within hours. Rapid Foliar goes to work quickly and effectively.
The EDTA chelate components utilised in Rapid Foliar facilitate zinc, copper and manganese mobility and transport it within the plant to ensure that the plant can utilise these elements together with the phosphorus as and where required.
Rapid Foliar keeps the zinc, copper and manganese balance of the new growth resulting from the correction of the crop deficiency.
The phosphate in Rapid Foliar stimulates metabolic reactions and increases the crop response beyond that of the trace element effect.

Zinc, Copper and Manganese with Phosphorus

The products within this category ensure that the plant can utilise each product’s key formulations of either zinc, copper, manganese and phosphorus, as and where required.

Calculated rates of yield and return are measured for each of the products Rapid Max, Rapid Zinc, Rapid Copper or Rapid Manganese. When applied at 1-litre per hectare Rapid Foliar supplies enough zinc for 5t/ha of grain and enough copper for 10t/ha of grain. It also supplies enough phosphorus for an extra 30kg of yield.

Improve the Soil for Next Season

Rapid Foliar has a direct impact on increasing soil organic matter left after the season finishes. This is because Rapid Foliar has increased root mass and rhizosphere activity. Greater soil organic matter helps make soils softer for planting, reduces leaching and improves nutrient and humus availability for next season.

The Benefit of a Bigger Root System

One of the greatest benefits of RLF Rapid Foliar products is the effect it has on root development and growth.

Whilst this forms only a part of the cycle of growth and development for each plant, it is a vital and important stage. Plant physiology clearly informs the science of Rapid Foliar products and leads to significant benefits for farmers and growers. This is because the larger size root structure gives the plant much greater physical contact with the soil area. Fine hairs give the plant increased surface area, and this allows the plant to use less energy in achieving easier access to available nutrients and soil-based NPK.

This increases plant growth exponentially as the graphic shows.

Leading the World with a Proven Product

RLF first developed Broad-spectrum compound foliar fertilisers in 1993.

Ultra Foliar products have been continuously updated and improved since this time with over 20 years of on-farm use. Rapid Foliar products represent the latest in a long pedigree of innovative technological development. Rapid Foliars’ are a proven product.

Easy to Use, Safe and Quick

Rapid Foliar is a highly concentrated liquid fertiliser with excellent handling capabilities. They can be mixed with several liquid nitrogen sources including Power N26, Spray N34 and Power N42 (UAN). Rapid Foliar is also compatible with many crop protection products and you are advised to refer to rlfchemtest.com for more information.

Rapid Foliar is safe and quick to use. It is buffered at the correct low pH to deliver the safe and quick uptake of nutrients and to eliminate leaf burn that is often experienced with
the leaf application of some products.

Maximise Crop Performance and Return

Features and Benefits

Increases Yield
Improves Crop Quality and Value
Builds Bigger Root Systems and Organic Soil Matter
Buffers Chemicals and Resists the Adverse Effects of Disease and Climate
Matches the Nutrient Need To the Growth of the Plant
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