RLF Home Garden

RLF can formulate, manufacture, package, label and distribute specialty product for the home garden market.

These high quality products of commercial grade are re-engineered to suit the Home Garden Grower, with all the same benefits of growth and potential yield that professional Farmers and Growers have come to rely upon.

What a bonus.

Home Gardeners can now use the Products of the Professionals

Plant roots can take up nutrients in liquid form much quicker than from solid fertilisers which are generally slower to deliver their nutrients because they must first break down.

Access to RLF’s liquid fertiliser range is a huge step-forward for the home gardener because RLF’s liquid fertilisers offer a quick response – something the Home Garden wants. The nutrients are available almost immediately to be absorbed through either the roots (through the soil) or the leaves (foliar spray), correcting nutrient deficiencies and giving the plant the required boost it needs through the growing season.


How RLF Home Garden Products get to Market

Home Garden products are supplied :

  • under ‘White Label’ so an RLF Customer can brand in their own name and label
  • only to third-party Distributors for the home garden market place
  • with a minimum order quantity on development and packaging runs, but these quantities can be scaled for growth

RLF Home Garden Products

Liquid solutions can be made available for :

  • plant establishment during germination and root development
  • plant health to protect against stress from climate and disease resistance
  • plant development during its flowering and fruiting cycle

The advantage that RLF Home Garden products bring is that precise concentrations can be delivered directly to the plant, and this is the best way to optimise the performance of your home garden produce.