Growing plants in a nutrient solution rather than soil can sometimes mean a complex growing environment.

This same growing environment relies heavily on access to the best available quality of chemicals and fertilisers. RLF has a range of four specially adapted liquid fertilisers that give hydroponic enterprises an edge in achieving the growth and potential yield outcomes that they seek.

How RLF and Hydroponics work Together

Hydroponics is a specialised growing industry, giving growers full control over the nutrients that feed the plants they produce. By manipulating the stages of nutrient supply at the various stages of the plants growing cycle, their development may be managed for optimum results. Because of this unique growing environment plant roots are often smaller allowing more of the crop or produce to be planted and closer together. Nutrients, in water, are fed directly to the roots and this in turn enables the plant to exert all its energy growing upwards, rather than directing energy downwards through the soil and competing for nutrient from the soil.

RLF Products to Assist Hydroponic Growers

Four specialised products for early growth, flowering and general nutrition.

Hydroponic growers have come to understand that only the very best chemicals should be used.
This is an imperative for the industry.

RLF recognises the importance of this fact for its Hydroponic Customers. It also recognises the importance of being able to deliver a consistent supply of fertiliser and in the quantities that Hydroponic Growers need.

RLF is committed to supplying the same level of advanced technological products and service to the hydroponic industry and is proud of its partnership with its Hydroponic Customers.