Retailers are the real ‘face of the company’.

As sellers of an array of agricultural items, they carry RLF’s comprehensive range of product for sale direct to the marketplace. Farmer Customers can feel confident discussing their needs with our Retailers as they are given all the tools required to readily supply answers and offer advice.

How RLF helps our Retailer Customers

  • By ensuring that product can be reliably and readily accessed
  • by empowering them as part of the RLF team so that their knowledge and skills are constantly developed
  • by making available the most up-to-date information about market conditions so that they can be better understood and passed to our farming customers to enable them to make choices and plan for a crop that will deliver the best returns
  • through access and introduction to RLF’s Distributor Customers to help broaden the scope of their businesses
  • By being prepared to work with their local networks wherever possible to deliver economies of scale

About Retailer Customers

RLF Retailers are trained to discuss the advantages of any product within the RLF range and can offer information on a wide range of issues such as determining the correct application rates of nutrient and fertiliser.

Retailers are the people our Farmer Customers turn to for product purchases and advice, and they play an important role – particularly at a local level.

Retailers generally work hand-in-hand with Distributors and this is an important advantage for all our farming customers.

RLF is proud of its network of Retailers and is committed to developing long-term relationships.