Governments around the world are very much focussed on producing or acquiring sufficient food for its peoples.

Food security has recently been defined as existing “when all people, at all times, have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs”. In practical terms however each Government has its own detailed perspective on food security, but for many countries this means access only to affordable basic grains sufficient for maintaining human existence.

At RLF our goals are focussed on acceptance of the broader international definition – that not only recognises grains, but other agricultural products including vegetables, fruits and meats.

How RLF helps our Government Customers

  • By striving for excellence in the development of products that give greater yield potential
  • By providing enhanced production security through crop failure
    risk mitigation
  • By offering technologies that are modern, that embrace first world farming practices, and are redeveloped to suit the regional and specific
    markets required
  • By providing all the support necessary to tailor solutions for very specific locations and crop-type
  • By working collaboratively with Government to support the Farmer and Grower populations

About Government Customers

Our partnerships with our Government Customers are built on the premise ‘that maximising a country’s food security will usually mean the most efficient mix of domestic food production’. RLF’s products and technologies bring many benefits to this framework of cooperation.

RLF is fully committed to working with our Government Customers on the registration, distribution and support of modern farming technologies that will support the achievement of Government objectives.

RLF’s commitment to its Government partners is that it will :

  • understand and develop modern regulatory frameworks that facilitate the registration of high technology broad-spectrum and high concentration nutrient products
  • provide guidance and scientific data of high analysis inorganic liquid fertilisers and update regulation to better accommodate new technologies in the registration process

RLF values its relationships with Governments.