Distributors are the ‘engine room’ of RLF. As our Primary Wholesaler, Distributors represent the entire range of RLF product through the sales, support and distribution channels
to the end user – our valued Customers.

This is a critical service.

If you are interested in becoming a Distributor of RLF products and services, learn more

How RLF helps our Distributor Customers

  • by providing access to RLF’s in-house technical and scientific team to help simplify the science of determining the correct nutrient usage
    per crop area
  • through the maintenance of extensive distribution networks that offer a range of produce and services that compliment the RLF range of product and technical services
  • by ensuring product is delivered on time, every time
  • by demonstrating commitment to our Farming Customers to help grow their businesses
  • by offering additional services such as transport, logistics and risk management advice
  • through the provision of market intelligence
  • by valuing the relationship as an integral part of the RLF team

About Distributor Customers

They may sell direct, or through a retail distribution network that has been established by them, to move RLF product seamlessly and efficiently to the entire range of our Customers.

They can be relied upon to pursue all available options to achieve the best outcome for our farming customers.

Feeding the world remains a significant challenge and as such new technologies must be embraced. Better methods of fertigation and access to constantly refined fertiliser products that improve yield is RLF’s commitment and our Distributor Customers are instrumental in delivering these advanced products to all our farming customers.

RLF places high value and trust in its relationship with its Distributors.

RLF is proud of its partnership with its Distributors.