RLF’s Agronomy Customers are key to providing a wide range of crop solutions for farmers.

Agronomy Customers become fully integrated with the work of RLF and as a company we are committed to working in partnership with them to make the most effective product, or solution available, to address whatever cropping problem or requirement is necessary.

How RLF helps our Agronomy Customers

  • By providing information, data and access to technical resources with respect to RLF product
  • Through the provision of tools and support with respect to Nutrient Removal science
  • By giving access to RLF product distribution as part of the Agronomy Customer business
  • By having valuable regard for Agronomy Customer input, feedback and instructions in support of improving RLF products’ performance
    in the marketplace
  • By designing and formulating liquid fertiliser products to the individual and specific requirements of our Agronomy Customers in cases where bulk quantities are required

About Agronomy Customers

Broadly, Agronomy is the science and technology of producing and using plants for food, fibre, fuel and land recovery. It encompasses plant genetics, plant physiology and soil science. It applies other sciences like ecology, meteorology, economics and earth science. Together, they all have life-sustaining roles in the production of food, creating healthier food, managing the impact of agriculture on the land and providing advice in specialised areas such as crop rotation, irrigation, plant breeding, soil classification and weed and pest control.

RLF is proud of its partnership with its Agronomy Customers.

RLF is particularly proud of its own team of Agronomists and the part that it is playing in helping the world grow the food that it needs.