Agricultural Product Groups

There are a large number of enterprises offering allied agricultural products to the market place. The agricultural industry relies heavily on infrastructure such as irrigation systems and pumps, reticulation, machinery parts and tillage equipment.

How RLF helps our Agricultural Product Customers

  • by giving access to the RLF product distribution network so that the most appropriate and affordable products continue to be available for farmers within their localities or districts
  • through the provision of market intelligence
  • by providing information, data and access to technical resources with respect to RLF product
  • through the provision of tools and support with respect to Nutrient Removal science
  • by having valuable regard for the Agricultural Product Customer feedback in support of improving RLF products’ performance in the marketplace
  • by valuing the relationship as an integral part of the RLF team

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About Agricultural Product Customers

The food and agriculture industry is a complex and global collective of diverse business entities – large and small. Together, they all form part of the supply-chain to feeding the world’s population.

Agricultural Product Customers may be the first port-of-call for many farming customers. The very nature of farming in many countries is in isolated locations, and enterprises supplying a wide range of product to support the agricultural industry is often the closest support available. Access to small machinery, irrigation parts and other agricultural consumables is very important to RLF’s farming customers. Having RLF product available as part of any mixed Agricultural Product business is a crucial part of RLF’s commitment to its customer base.

RLF recognises the importance of its relationship with businesses who interface with our farming customers.

RLF seeks to build upon its network of Agricultural Product Customers.