Let’s Talk Efficiency

The Findings – Higher Seed Phosphorus Levels Increase
Crop Yield

Dr Bolland from the Western Australian Department of Agriculture has over the years proven, as is apparent from his publications, that higher seed phosphorus levels increase the crop yield regardless of soil fertiliser input.

Dr Bolland’s findings are sound proof that immobilised phosphorus of the soil is more efficiently taken up by a crop that emerges from seeds with higher levels of phosphorus reserve.

The Products – RLF’s Ultra Foliars

RLF Ultra Foliar Products are designed to stimulate and modify plant metabolism leading to high root exploring ability and consequently better efficiency of extracting soil reserves.

This effect is similar to that of BSN with additional benefits of correcting trace element deficiencies in a complete package.

Science and RLF Trials Support the Benefits of
Fertiliser Integration

Based on many of the principles of plant physiology, crops are expected to perform best if managed with an integrated fertiliser program.

RLF have conducted many crop trials over the years that have seen the follow up Ultra Foliar Sprays keeping the momentum going as they even up the crop’s nutrient status. This improves the root efficiency of the nutrient uptake from the soil.

Some of the trial results and evidence published by RLF over a series of trails conducted in Australia and China are contained within the Technical Library, reference TB138.


The Phosphorus Cycle