Improving Soil

How RLF’s Products Improve The Soil

Roots Greater Microbial Activity +

RLF products create large and thick root structures with substantially more rhizosphere activity growing lots of fine and very fine hair like root structures.

More roots means more plant ‘root exudate’ and this means microbial activity increases in and around these root hairs that results in a very large increase in mineralisation.

Mineralisation is the chemical event that ‘un-bonds’ phosphorus and makes it available to the plant. This results in the plant having access to a lot more ‘available’ phosphorus.

More phosphorus means more yield.

Root Interception +
Greater Surface Area

The extra size of the root structure means that physically the plant has access to more. This is because the plant has much greater physical contact with a greater area.

Fine hairs also give the plant a huge amount more surface area.

This lets the plant use less energy in achieving easy access to available nutrient and physical NPK in the soil.

This increases plant growth.

Creates a ‘Wetter’ Effect in the Soil

RLF products create a soil condition that improves the uptake of the existing nutrient and chemicals. Furthermore, it creates an environment that enables mineralisation to further improve fertiliser up-take and efficiency.

This is like endowing the soil with an additive to make the soil more effective.